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Let Optimum Make Your Parenting Dreams Become A Reality

We invite you to follow these steps in your family building journey:

1GATHER THE FACTS – The first step in any journey is to understand the facts.  A fresh egg donation cycle now averages $37,000 in the U.S.  Vitrification freezing technology dramatically changes this landscape allowing for immediate treatment, more affordable egg donation cost, and success rates equal to fresh donor eggs.  Starting at only $9900 for 6 eggs, we are up to 35 -40% more affordable than other egg banks.

2BROWSE OUR DATABASE AND CHOOSE A DONOR – Once you have decided that Optimum is the best choice for you, we invite you to create a profile, login to our database, and choose your perfect donor.  We have a variety of wonderful national and international European phenotype donors to meet your needs.  We have advanced genetic carrier screening and the most affordable packages in the industry.

3CONTACT US NOW – Once you have found your perfect donor, we invite you to contact our caring support team at or by calling (702) 856-4383 to learn more about package options, our triple guarantee, our affiliate clinics, and other options for embryo creation.  Our team is very much looking forward to making your parenting dreams become a reality.

Optimum By The Numbers

  • 90% – Typical thaw survival rate of eggs;
  • 70 – 85% – Average fertilization rate using ICSI;
  • 33% – Average blastulation rate (day 5 embryo conversion);
  • 40% – More affordable than some of our competitors;
  • $9900 – The starting cost of 6 eggs with Optimum;
  • 100% – Our goal for satisfied intended parents;

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Let Optimum Make Your Parenting Dreams Become A Reality

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